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Residential Screening
Let BIS help by adding a resident screening program to your leasing process. You will see immediate benefits including resident retention, reduced turnovers and rent losses. Your residents will feel safer knowing that their neighbors have passed the same background screening process as them!
Eviction Records
If you're renting a house or apartment, you want to avoid tenants who have previously been evicted. You can search eviction records directly with the court.

The accuracy of your search depends on the information provided to you by a prospective tenant. Eviction searches may give you a more thorough report on your prospect.
Criminal Records
All levels of criminal records (county/state, federal, multi-jurisdictional/national) are available to search.

With our combined criminal products, your organization will have a piece of mind knowing that records are being searched across the largest geographical data set available.
Verification Services
Successful application verification can identify fraudulent and incorrect information such as inflated salary histories and false job titles.

Verifying references from past landlords may indicate how an applicant would occupy your property, if they have late rent payments, property damage, complaints from neighbors, or an eviction.
Credit History
BIS is a reseller of Trans Union credit reports however there are strict requirements in order to receive this data.

A credit report contains a gold mine of information for a prospective landlord. You can find out if a person has ever filed for bankruptcy, been late or delinquent or financially active enough to establish a credit history.
With our self-pay feature you have the option to request the applicant to pay for all or a portion of their background check. This is a convenient way for our clients to protect their investment check while maintaining their budget.
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