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Drug, Alcohol & Health Screening
With over 13,400 nationwide service locations, our collection provider network ensures that you will have the clinic coverage you need no matter how far across the country you go or how remote. ChemScreen, a division of BIS, works with our collection sites and laboratories to streamline all aspects of the drug screening process for our clients to create a better experience for the applicant.
Drug Screening
The most common drug screening methods used today include urine, saliva and hair. Businesses rely on laboratory-based urine testing mostly for its cost-effectiveness and capacity to screen for a wide variety of drug substances. With hundreds of different combinations available with this method, there is a drug test panel for almost any testing reason.
DOT Drug and Alcohol Screening
BIS follows strict standards for all DOT drug and alcohol testing. All labs are HHS certified and all MRO’s are certified and approved by DOT and SAMSHA. BIS offers DOT & Non-DOT Physical Exams electronically. Through our partnering platform, you can electronically schedule, process, execute and receive a final report. The platform incorporates an electronic DOT physical form, an online pre-exam patient health history form and medical surveillance by a Medical Review Officer (MRO).
Occupational Health Screening
Our Occupational Health Screening Services includes a variety of options you can choose from to create a customized screening program based on your unique needs.  Common services include TB testing, vaccinations, physical exams, chest x-rays and hearing, vision and lift tests just to name a few.
Account Management
We are a Third Party Administrator (TPA) and have trained personnel that are happy to consult, share compliance standards or state laws, customize testing panels, provide automated random selections and provide you with certified MRO services and statistical reports to return seamless results.
Drug abuse in the workplace puts employers at a risk for higher insurance costs, increased accidents, more absenteeism and lower productivity. Our services help mitigate these risks by screening out applicants and employees who use drugs.
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