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Employment and Volunteer Screening
We are committed to providing your organization with new and innovative solutions that look into the future. We support employers with flexible options including our customized web-based and mobile solutions, program consultation, compliance support and on-going education. Background Information Services, Inc. is the clear choice for your screening solutions.

Several common services include:
Criminal Records
All levels of criminal records (county/state, federal, multi-jurisdictional/national) are available to search. With our combined criminal products, your organization will have a peace of mind knowing that records are being searched across the largest geographical data set available.
Sex Offender Registry
A National State Offender Registry search is ideal for any client that works directly with the public, or in industries which include children or at risk adults. The National Sex Offender Registries (NSSOR) search includes all states and common wealth’s of the US.
Driving History Reports
A Driving History Report search should be conducted on all final job candidates for those who will be driving a motor vehicle as part of their essential job function. It will include driving infractions and violations as well as current status (e.g., valid, invalid, expired, suspended, revoked, reinstated, etc.).
Verification Services
Successful resume verification can identify fraudulent degrees, incorrect employment and graduation dates, inflated salary histories and false job titles which may help you determine a candidate is not right for you.

BIS conducts all domestic work at our main office in Boulder, CO, to ensure the best turnaround time possible while keeping PII safe.
Our services will empower your organization by hiring a better grade of employees. Our background checks will successfully identify individuals who have a criminal record, have misrepresented their educational or work experience, or failed a drug test and are most likely to perform contrary to your business standards.
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